Jake Roberts: "Roman Reigns has to beat Logan Paul"

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There's still a long way to go Roman Reigns y Logan Paul collide for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship in Crown Jewel 2022 on November 5 but there are already many predictions of what will happen then. Jim Cornette recently commented that fans would not look favorably on the contender taking victory. The "Tribal Chief" has already warned that he is going to beat up "Maverick" y he anticipated how he will win. And Jake Paul thinks his brother can easily knock out the monarch.

► "Roman Reigns has to beat Logan Paul"

Now we echo the opinion of Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Speaking recently on his podcast, DDP Snake Pit, the Hall of Fame member claimed that Roman Reigns must beat Logan Paul. He has nothing but praise for the challenger but believes that it's too early for me to win the world title. Certainly, no one expects the also famous youtuber and boxer to win this fight, even many do not believe that he will be part of it. Still, it is expected that a good show.

“This child is being fed with a silver spoon, these things are being pushed by him. Yeah, he's busting his ass, and he's answering the call, and he's doing all these things because he's physical enough to do those things. He's an artist, so that gives him another edge. But the worst thing you can do to him right now would be to give him the titles. It would be the worst.

“I think if he puts up a good fight, maybe a couple of steps above the good, maybe a great fight, and he shows perseverance, that sets the table better for him. Roman has to get out of there with those belts".

What do you think will happen to Roman Reigns and Logan Paul at Crown Jewel 2022?

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