Bjw is a Japanese professional wrestling company that stands out for its peculiar style of practicing wrestling, where the toughness of the Strong Style and the belligerence of the Deathmatch Style are combined. It was created in 1995 by Great Kojika and Kendo Nagasaki, taking advantage of the splendor of deathmatch fighting in Japan.

It was 1994 when the deathmatch style took off, with companies with Frontier Martial Arts (FMWMore), IWA-Japan and W * ING, which offered unique functions where gushing blood was the constant. Taking advantage of this popularity, Great Kojika and Kendo Nagasaki created BJW. He was quickly placed in the fans' taste for the extreme struggle to employ tube lamps, tables, chairs and fire.

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In the beginning, Bjw He made an effort to innovate in fighting variants that were impressive, such as those in which the fighters faced each other in scenarios plagued with live animals such as piranhas, scorpions, spiders, among others (fortunately, these modalities are no longer used).

However, the specialty of the house is the use of tube lamps. Whether carried one by one, or in blocks, or placed around the ring, or taken from a pile, they are as light as they are fragile that when they hit the opponent's body they produce a burst of a thousand cuts, sharp fragments, which are embedded the skin. As if this weren't enough, the attacker can still step on his opponent to crush the shards and push them further.

Among the variety of elements allowed are tacks, glass panels, wood panels rolled with barbed wire, cage, scaffolding, concrete blocks, in addition to traditional tables, chairs, stairs. Or if we talk about more sophistication we can include the industrial stapler, the clipper, the scissor bed, the barbed wire, the cheese grater, the chopsticks, the fishing rod or even the salt and the lemon, which Poured over open wounds can be a real torment.

How to view BJW functions

BJW offers the streaming service bjw core, with most of the company's live events.

Important tournaments:
Currently there are three relevant tournaments in BJW

El ikkitousen, which is the most important individual competition, alternately one year the fighters from the deathmatch area participate and the next year those from the Strong Style area.

El Saikyou Tag League: The tournament in pairs divided into Strong Style group and Deathmatch group. Only the best pair in each group has the right to compete in the grand final. With a variable date, it takes place in the last third of the year.

Toshiwasure! Three Organization Shuffle Tag Tournament. It is the classic end-of-the-year tournament where home fighters team up with a foreign fighter.

Great Features:

Korakuen Fan Appreciation Day: Held at the end of January at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, coinciding with the New Year's celebrations and in thanks to the fans for their preference.

Endless Survivor: The great event in May where the main individual titles are disputed. The venue is the Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium.
Ryougokutan: The Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall in Tokyo serves as the stage where all the company's titles are put into play.
big japan death vegas: The Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium is adorned with the confrontations for the individual BJW championships.

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Outstanding image
Legal name
Big Japan Pro Wrestling (Dainihon puroresu)

Kojika Shinya (Great Kojika)

Kazuo Sakurada (Kendo nagasaki)

Founded in
16 December, 1994
Corporate Headquarters
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Main Alumni

Great Kojika
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
Ryūji Ito
Abdullah Kobayashi
Daisuke Sekimoto
Yuji okabayashi
Daisuke Sekimoto

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