The hilarious change in Sami Zayn's Wikipedia profile

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Sami Zayn is going to fight tomorrow on Raw against AJ Styles after what he made fun of what he did to earn the "Honorary Uce" shirt that on SmackDown he gave him Roman Reigns to confirm him as one more member of The bloodline. Because the "Underdog From The Underground" has done a lot to endear himself not only to the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion but also to The Uses, Paul Heyman, and more recently Sikoa only, who will be accompanying him in his combat.

► Sami Zayn, or Rami Sebei Anoa'i?

The fighter and the faction are telling one of the most talked about and most celebrated stories of the company right now, to the point that a fan has gone to the profile dedicated to SZ on Wikipedia to make two fun changes. We can no longer see them because they have been corrected but thanks to our colleagues at Wrestling Inc. we know that, on the one hand, he put that his name was Rami Sebei Anoa'i, as if he were a real member of this family, on the other, he put that her nationality was Canadian-Samoan.

As we say, we check on the page that his name is Rami Sebei and that his nationality is Canadian, with origins in Syria. It would be fun to see Sami Zayn going a little further in his relationship with the Samoans, for example, sharing moments with them outside of professional wrestling. Or sharing a segment with Rikishi, father of Los Uso and uncle of the "Tribal Chief". There's certainly still a lot to be told in this story, so we'll see how it continues to evolve in the coming times.

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