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ROW Ecuador: Exodia "impresses" in its debut

Exodia, the beautiful diva, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, made her official debut at the last ROW event that was held on June 22 of this year. This warrior of Amazonian beauty is an athlete, an expert in boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling, she always dreamed of being part of the professional wrestling industry, entering the ROW school, where she trained for a year with El Kuervo. 

Temperament, ROW Ecuador /

ROW Ecuador: Temperament is the new "No Pg" hardcore champion

Temperament, ROW Ecuador /
Temperament, ROW Ecuador /

After a great fight against former champion Ryder, the young Guayaquil native Temperamento became the new hardcore champion of ROW Ecuador (title known as “NO PG”)

The violent NO PG belt design can be seen in the following image:

ROW ECUADOR: Event "Santa Claus cries"

YouTube video

For fans who follow ROW wrestling Ecuador, we announce that on December 15 the event "PAPA NOEL LLORA" will be held at the ROW shed at 19:00 p.m., all attendees will enter the toy contest and a cap original WWE.

ROW event: Halloween Survivor

ROW presents "Halloween Survivor" on Saturday, October 27 at the ROW warehouse behind the model stadium. We will have great fights that will be the preamble to "Evilmania" at

Video: "Evilmania" ROW Ecuador and Dr. Evil productions


Thanks to the collaboration between the wrestling company ROW Ecuador and Dr. Evil productions, we present to all the fans of wrestling and good rock, the first event that combines both arts in a single night, here we present the first PROMO episode that shows Dr. Evil looking for the owner of ROW Ecuador; "La Fabulosa" Scarlet, to propose to perform "EVILMANIA" be very aware of the page and all our online media so that you know more about this mega event that is coming on November 1 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Video: ROW Ecuador "news"

[youtube;autoplay=1] First program "ROW news" of ROW Ecuador wrestling, where in a single video you can find out about the latest events,