The main plot of HUSTLE featured General Takada trying to destroy professional wrestling in the name of MMA, using his Monster Army to fight the defenders (Naoya Ogawa and his HUSTLE army). The promotion saw fighters like Dump Matsumoto, Minoru Suzuki, The Great Muta, Masato Tanaka, Aja Kong as Erica, and Jaguar Yokota, as well as characters like Hard Gay and eight different colors of "Kamen Hustle."

HUSTLE was a professional wrestling company founded by nobuhiko takada in the style of “Fighting Opera”. It highlights the sports-entertainment aspect over athletics and technical wrestling, with many fantastic stunts and stories.

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The Hustle company founded by Takada in 2004 and the support of Dream Stage Entertainment and Pro Wrestling ZERO1, became one of the largest wrestling companies in Japan, where it was recognized for its innovative and creative style of entertainment, with emphasis In the fiction called "fighting opera," his fighters were known as "hustlers," which we can translate as "swindlers." Its boom began in 2005, although by 2007, with the departure of Takada, things began to change along with his style, leaving behind the "fighting opera", which caused a drop in the audience. At the end of that year, an economic crisis in the promotion was revealed, and in December 2009 Hustle Entertainment held its last event. In 2010, it had a slight revival.

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HUSTLEMANIA, HUSTLE Aid, Christmas Special, HUSTLE House


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Legal name
HUSTLE Fighting Opera

nobuhiko takada

Founded in
4 January 2004
Corporate Headquarters
Tokyo, Japan
Main Alumni
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