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CHIKARA Pro Wrestling was an American wrestling company founded in 2002 by Mike quackenbush. His name is derived from the Japanese kanji "力", which means power, ability and/or influence.
The headquarters of CHIKARA is Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and its style mixes North American Wrestling with Mexican wrestling, it is common for its wrestlers to wear a mask and in fact one of their main events of the year is the tournament "King of trios", where they will face thirds in the style of the traditional Australian relays of Mexico.

At Chikara events wrestlers showed up who later became famousAs CM Punk, Chris hero y Claudio castagnoli (cesaro).

June 24, its owner made the decision to end CHIKARA Pro Wrestling, after he and several company coaches were accused of harassment of different kinds in the movement #SpeakingOut, me Too of wrestling.

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Rockstar Ultra Mantis Black

UltraMantis Black

By Darkangelite

The well-known and popular fighter of the missing Chikara, Ultra Mantis Black, has just announced that it will be integrated full-time to a banda de rock, without neglecting the astral character that gave him notoriety in the picturesque world of wrestling, the gladiator will release his EP in early 2014 under the record label Relapse Records. Accompanied by members of the bands Pissed Jeans and Pilgrim Fetus, the fighter's project has attracted the attention of several music critics who say that it is certainly a band to watch live.