With 15 years of existence, RJPW is one of the independent companies that have great acceptance within the public despite the periodicity of its events (3 or 4 functions a year), for the tough fighting style he wields and the presentation of stars from the past.

Real Japan Pro Wrestling is a Japanese professional wrestling and martial arts company founded in 2005 by satoru sayama. It organizes performances every two to three months and features both professional wrestling activities and a variety of martial arts matches, such as mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and Seikendo-style competitions.

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After 30 years of professional career, satoru sayama He retired in 1985, but in 1986 he founded Shooto, and realized his dream of becoming a martial arts coach. He hosted the Vale Todo Japan event, which led to the introduction of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Japan, changing Shooto's rules to adapt them to vale todo. In 1996 he left Shooto due to disagreements with the board of directors.

In the following years he had sporadic returns to wrestling, invited to special functions. In 2004, he established seikendo, his own promotion, defined as a martial art and in 2005 founded RJPW in order to promote the Seikendo style, including its philosophical precepts and its characterization of Super tiger (silver mask and purple outfit).

In his events he combines professional wrestling with elements of martial arts, mixed martial arts, kickboxing and the Seikendo style. The participation of veteran figures and their own students give the performances a special feature.

Shodai Tiger Mask consistently participated in RJPW events until March 2015, when after a fight against Akebono, had chest pains from heart problems. Sayama underwent heart surgery, so despite his regret, he was ruled out to fight in the RJPW XNUMXth anniversary event. Since then, his appearances at his company's functions have been to say hello to fans.


Viewing RJPW Features

RJPW it does not have its own streaming service. Their functions are broadcast through the television Samurai! TV, with repetition a week after its completion.

On its website it has sale of DVD's of some of its most important functions.

Important events:

The anniversary of the company and the professional debut of Shodai Tiger Mask

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Legal name
Real Japan Pro Wrestling (リ ア ル ジ ャ パ ン プ ロ レ ス, Riaru Japan Puroresu)

Satoru Sayama (Shodai Tiger Mask)

Founded in
1 April 2005
Corporate Headquarters
Tokyo, Japan
Main Alumni

Mitsuya nagai
Super tiger
Alexander Otsuka
Masakatsu Funaki
Kouki Iwasaki

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