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League Unification Tournament in Cali, Colombia, postponed

Promotional poster of the League Unification Tournament with the date in Cali

A few moments ago, the Jaguar of Colombia announced in his Facebook account that the date corresponding to Saturday September 22 of League Unification Tournament It is postponed until further notice due to the delay in issuing the corresponding permit for the right of this artistic presentation.

This is because a new entertainment law entered into force in Colombia. For this reason, changes in programming and the long-awaited participation of DRAGON (AAA) against The Grampa King (GLL PERU) in Cali is delayed. Also the star where AXEL, grandson of the Saint, and Espanto II would participate

Soon we will bring you more information about it, but we anticipate that the central date in Bogotá, which will have the participation of Aerostar, would remain; The confirmation will be given by Jaguar himself through his Facebook.

Here are the promotional videos of Drago, AXEL and Rey Grampa: