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Results of “Break Point 2013” ​​(June 28) – LWA Peru

TVK shows that flying is also your thing. / Image: The Corner
TVK shows that flying is also your thing. / Image: The Corner

The event organized by LWA Peru was developed every year, Break Point 2013, where there were many emotions and news that surprised the entire audience. In addition the first challenger was met to the maximum title of Lwa.

Video: Great Chilean Wrestling Matches - Sinner vs Caoz vs Ricky Marvin

Caoz, Sinner and Marvin prior to the fight, photograph belonging to the National Fight Xplosion

Greetings dear readers of Superfights. This time I bring a fairly recent fight, but it was so good and it has had such an impact that I think it was worth writing about what this tremendous fight was in the Days of Glory event of Xplosion Nacional de Lucha.

The story of this fight is as follows: Sinner He is one of the best aerial fighters in Chile, if not the best, the public has always been very fond of him for his suicidal style, which can be seen in moves like this Swanton Bomb from the top of an Ultimate X, and also, for his sexy man character that fascinates the women who attend the events of Xnl. Precisely for this reason, the public used to regret that Sinner had never obtained a degree in Xnl, and despite having had several victories in his career, as long as the fight was about being a number one challenger or rightly for some championship, his efforts were unsuccessful.

“New Blood-Redemption” (April 27, 2013) - LWA Peru

Results of “New Blood-Redemption” (April 27) - LWA Peru

“New Blood-Redemption” (April 27, 2013) - LWA Peru
The Professor applying the sniper to Ian Muhlig / @ www.facebook.com / ElEsquinero
The new event organized by the Academy of Lwa Peru (Leader Wrestling Association), New Blood-Redemption. This is where all the fighters trained in the school cycles meet in various fights. This is done to give greater continuity to the new values ​​of Peruvian wrestling. In addition to facing the fighters already consolidated.

LWA “Reyes de la Lucha Libre III” Results (February 15, 2013) KENTA and Super Crazy advance to the semifinals

LWA Kings of Wrestling 3

The Latin American Wrestling Tournament continues its trajectory and this time Peru witnessed this show. The company LWA (Leader Wrestling Association) presented on Friday night, its mega event "Reyes de la Lucha Libre III" whose relevance is to know who are the semifinalists of the tournament, which will culminate today Sunday in the XNL of Chile. Here are the results and classifications:

#TeamPanama ready for the "Latin American Wrestling Tournament"

Team Panama - Latin American Wrestling Tournament
Team Panama - Latin American Lucha Libre Tournament

A few weeks before the Tournament starts “Latin American Wrestling”, Panama has announced its representatives. The #TeamPanama It will be made up of Karcamo "The Forger of Pain", Nick Romano, Panama Jack Daniels and Angelus. These fighters will see action on February 15 in Lima (Peru), at the Leader Wrestling Association (LWA). For this event, wrestlers such as Super crazy, Kenta, Marufuji, Ishimori, Ricky Marvin, Eddie Edwards among others.

BWF: Cultural Tour 2012

BWF: Cultural Turn 5/6-May-2012

Text taken from the site Fire in the ring, note of Danilo navarro

In 2012 in Sao Paulo Brazil, the event repeats the great event with 24 hours of wrestling that could offer Brazilian Wrestling Federation (BWF), in a bigger and better version. The biggest wrestling championship in Latin America is coming.

BWF: Cultural tack poster
BWF: Cultural tack poster

This year the South American Wrestling Championship is coming to the Virada Cultural.

Now, for what really matters, it is who the fighters will be participating in this tournament.
Here I inform you that on behalf of Ecuador and WAR - Wrestling Alliance Revolution - It will have two of the great names of the Ecuadorian fight: Hades and Megastar.

WAR presents: King of Kings 2012

[youtube = http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = fPWX6juJgJ8 & feature = player_embedded & w = 640 & h = 380]

For more information please visit our official website at www.war.ec

Greetings friends of superfights.net and fans of world wrestling, WAR -Wrestling alliance Revolution- of Ecuador is pleased to present your event today King of Kings 2012 with the participation of the legend of world wrestling; Last dragon, who is emerging as a great favorite to win this award, the cost of admission is 7Usd. Adults and 3Usd. Children, this event will be the March 09, 2012 in restobar facilities Knockout (Av. De los Granados No.500, diagonal to Fybeca, 150 mtrs. Before the cyclist's round) Quito, Ecuador.

Video: WAR - La Real de las Batallas 2012

[youtube = http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = –gMm8r7kQo & feature = g-all-u & context = G29ac8beFAAAAAAAAAAA & w = 640 & h = 380] Greetings friends of superluchas.com and fans of world wrestling, WAR -Wrestling Alliance Revolution- del