Jake «The Snake» Roberts colocó un mensaje en su MySpace agraciendo a Vince McMahon y la WWE por ayudarlo a rehabilitarse de sus problemas con las drogas y el alcohol

«After all, recovery certainly isn’t cheap. Well folks, the truth is, think what you want justify or summarize, I don’t care. But Vince McMahon and the WWE saved my life, plain and simple. Do I like it? The fact is, I don’t. But I am damned sure grateful. NO I don’t like having slid to where I was at, feeling like I did. NO, oh no, but the truth is I was a dead man walking. Still breathing, heart still beating, but my soul was dead and gone. So thank all of you, my friends, my family, my fans, especially Vince McMahon. Thank you for tossing me that life preserver. Yes Vince you threw me a life preserver, and I grabbed hold of it.»

Interpretación: «Recuperarse no es fácil, y la WWE y Vince salvaron mi vida, así de simple y estoy completamente agradecido».

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