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Pro wrestling ZERO-ONE was founded in 2000 by Shinya hashimoto, figure of NJPW. From 1997 to 2000, Hashimoto's main focus was a feud against the judo superstar Naoya Ogawa. The fifth fight of this series, in April 2000 was going to be the decisive one. Ogawa had won 2 of the 4 previous fights, a clash ended without a decision and Hashimoto won one. Hashimoto was so sure of himself that he risked his career in the fifth match, as the original plan was for Hashimoto to triumph. But to the surprise of the spectators Hashimoto lost. On November 15, 2000, Hashimoto was publicly fired, which led him to found his own promotion, which he named "CERO", "ZERO", renamed "ZERO-ONE" which would give Hashimoto the opportunity to compete against others. shootfighters to restore your honor. Financed and supported by NJPW, the promotion debuted on March 2, 2001 in Tokyo.

Pro Wrestling ZERO1 is a Japanese professional wrestling company founded in 2001 by Shinya hashimoto; at the beginning it was a project linked to the NJPW but later it functioned as an independent company. Due to his working relationship with several companies, the fighting style he develops is a mix where shoot-style still prevails.

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NJPW junior wrestlers, Tatsuhito Takaiwa y Shinjirou Otani They also left the company and Otani moved up to the heavyweight division at Zero1. It offered wrestlers from all companies the opportunity to compete on neutral ground where professional wrestling and shoot style were combined, a style with which the UWF, UWF-I and RINGS had been very successful.

Even Hashimoto's arch nemesis, Naoya Ogawa, was an integral part of the new promotion, which by 2004 became part of the American NWA.

In the second year of its existence, ZERO-ONE became a full-time promotion that was totally unrelated to NJPW. It was also the year in which the "Fire Festival", a tournament similar to the G1 Climax. This is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

Initially ZERO-ONE presented large events every two months, but in the second year of its existence they offered a calendar visiting the usual headquarters of most of the Japanese luchistic companies.

A solid roster of fighters was established, deviating from the shoot style. Independent talent from the United States became a regular part of the company by integrating the faction O Gun, led by the enemies of Ogawa and Hashimoto, who made up a team.

Ogawa and Hashimoto were the only real draws in the promo. Attempts to convert Shinjiro Otani and masato tanaka, which came to ZERO-ONE after the end of FMWMore through AJPW, in legitimate superstars it turned out halfway, so that Ogawa and Hashimoto were alone at the head of the company.

2002 and especially in 2003, were the years of the consolidation of ZERO-ONE in Japan. The promotion had constant activity and even came close to becoming the third major organization after NJPW and NOAH, relegating AJPW to fourth place. A series of notable successes reinforced this trend in the dispute between the two promotions, but the collapse occurred in the summer of 2004, when Ogawa left the company to go to HUSTLE and Hashimoto was out of action for an entire year due to a serious shoulder injury. Without its two superstars, the promotion could hardly survive. The following fall, Hashimoto parted ways with ZERO-ONE, leaving the company in a tremendous crisis, compounded by the fact that NWA terminated your membership.

Despite this, the company survived as it gained support from new investors and changed the name from ZERO-ONE to ZERO1-MAX. Shinjiro Otani and President Yoshiyuki Nakamura were in charge of keeping the promotion alive, achieving an alliance with AWA.

The list of fighters was renewed with elements such as takao omori (star of AJPW and NOAH), a junior weight team like Ikuto Hidaka and Minoru Fujita, and the young figurehead from Osaka Pro, Takehiro murahama, and many fighters from the American independent scene.

ZERO1-MAX created a parent company called First On Stage (FOS) that was in charge of cleaning up the finances. However, the company failed to get out of the pothole as fan interest waned. In the luchistic aspect, the most outstanding achievement was Masato Tanaka's meteoric rise to the rank of superstar, after winning the 2006 Fire Festival, regardless of the fact that he was absent half a year later due to shoulder surgery. Upon his return, he conquered the Tenka Ichi Jr., the annual competition for junior weights as he lost a lot from the surgery. A year later, and meeting the weight limit, he took the Fire Festival 2008. He also won the AWA World Full Weight Championship (later became the Company's Full Weight Championship) in October 2007, a belt that he defended seven times during a year, which consolidated him as the undisputed number one of the promotion and the most respected star of the Japanese wrestling scene.

In December 2007, ZERO1-MAX and AWA ended their collaborative relationship. In January 2009, the company changed its name again. The "MAX" was removed from the name to remain as Pro-Wrestling ZERO1.

In March 2020, Zero1 was acquired by the iFD company, appointing Kazuhiro Iwamoto as the new president of ZERO1, who promised substantive reforms. This was not possible because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which plunged Zero1 into a difficult financial situation, in addition to the resignation of key men such as kohei sato, Tatsuhito Takaiwa e Ikuto hidaka and the reduction of the salaries of the fighters staff by 80%. All of this prompted Iwamoto's resignation.

In July, parent company Daiko Holdings Group, Inc. acquired Zero1, transforming it into Daiko ZERO1 Co., Ltd. This company had in the past a sponsorship relationship with FMW and Atsushi Onita. Jinjin Kaminari was appointed new president and representative director and the former fighter Megumi kudo as director, as well as in charge of the new women's division. Aja kong was in charge of the Super Firewors sub-brand (Cho Hanabi).

The technical area was in charge of Otani who announced that Zero1 created the BASE ZERO1 Project, where it is proposed to increase the number of fans, with an approach of the fighters and using digital technology. These fans would have participation in the project, having the right to vote, as well as access to exclusive services.

Hartley jackson, former coach of WWE, returned to Zero1 to take over the Dojo and train new talents.

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Zero1 presents its events live through the streaming service E plus, as well as on his YouTube channel.

Important events:

Fire Festival, Tenka-Ichi, Yasukuni Shrine Festival, Furinkazan League


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Legal name
Pro Wrestling Zero1 (プ ロ レ ス リ ン グ ゼ ロ 1, Puroresuringuzerowan)

Shinya hashimoto

Founded in
2 March, 2001
Corporate Headquarters
Tokyo, Japan
Main Alumni

Shinjirou Ohtani
Tatsuhito Takaiwa
Naoya Ogawa
masato tanaka
Ikuto hidaka
Yuji hino
kohei sato


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