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wwe network is a streaming service that offers WWE content and its video library. In the U.S be part of the Peacock service.

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wwe network

WWE Network arrived to change the professional wrestling industry. A streaming service of luchistic content was something that any fan would have dreamed of, but few saw it as something real, as the business model of the main promoter of the sport of the costalazos, over three decades, had been the pay-per-view (PPV).

What does it offer and how much does WWE Network cost?

The first month is free. From the second the cost is of 9.99 dollars. That is, a slightly lower cost than Netflix (Although we explain below that WWE Network is not like Netflix).

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The content included is as follows:

  • All PPVs in the history of WWE, ECW and WCW. Both previous and new (WWE live)
  • Thousands of hours of classical programming.
  • Weekly programming as NXT and 205 Live.
  • Original programming, including documentaries and talk shows.

Does it include Raw and SmackDown?

Yes, but not live. Due to broadcast rights for television stations, the Raw and SmackDown Live episodes are added to the WWE Network one month after their original broadcast.

Vince McMahon had the vision to change the business model

Well, he had finally changed it during the XNUMXs, when he focused on PPV sales instead of continuing with the one that had worked for his father, which was to buy space on television stations to present a weekly program (That served as infomercial for the public to go to the arenas). Thus, if before the business was the box office, then the business was the PPV. And this made the then WWE become a multi-million dollar company.

wwe network the industry is changing

Adapting to the times, and seeing the tendency of the public to consume more content online than traditional television, WWE launched its OTT platform in 2014. Although several years have passed since that, there are many fans who don't know much about the WWE Network. We will then shred this service so that you decide if it is the best for your money.

WWE Network started on Monday, February 24, 2014

The service plans They were released in September 2011. Initially the idea is that it was a premium cable channel and there was the intention to launch it in 2012, but it was delayed for 2014 because it was chosen to do it in streaming.

Before there was something similar: WWE Classics on Demand.

WWE had an On Demand video service available from 2004 to 2014 on several cable systems in the United States and Canada, such as Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, Mediacom, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Rogers Cable and EastLink. In September 2009, the episode Legends of Wrestling: Soul of Wrestling, about African-American fighters in the history of the fight, won the CableFAX award for best On Demand video program. WWE Classics on Demand offered about 40 hours of monthly programming and was canceled on January 31, 2014.

WWE Network is not like Netflix

Although many think that WWE Network It's a wrestling Netflix, It is actually a channel that has a programming bar broadcast 24 hours a day. That programming bar includes monthly PPVs and weekly programs such as 205 Live and NXT. Besides that it has the video library. And that section is like Netflix, because it is possible to watch any event, fight or program on demand.

The first show produced for WWE Network was WrestleMania Rewind

In order to generate interest among fans, WWE organized a contest for them to choose the name of the first program for the WWE Network. The options was WrestleMania Revisited, WrestleMania Rewind, WrestleMania Flashback and WrestleMania Review. On October 17, 2011, on Monday Night Raw issued from Mexico, They announced that the winning name was WrestleMania Rewind.

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Very interesting collaboration between "indies" which took place in the country of the maple leaf this past weekend, to be broadcast soon via WWE Network.