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News and live coverage. NXT is a brand of WWE. It is considered the third brand in importance, after Raw y S, although before reaching this status he went through several stages.

► Reality Show (2010-2012)

On February 2, 2010, Vince McMahon announced that the then third WWE brand, ECW, would cease to exist. His last televised show was on February 16. It was replaced with NXT, a program in which several Florida Championshipo Wrestling fighters (WWE's development territory) competed for a place in the main cast.

The contest format ended in early 2012. In August, WWE closed FCW operations, making NXT the new development brand.

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► Development Territory (2012-2019)

Thank you WWE I needed more original programming for the WWE Network, on February 27, 2014 NXT ArRIVAL was broadcast, NXT's first special, led by the fight in which Adrian Naville took the NXT Championship from Bo Dallas.

On May 29, 2014, The second special, called NXT TakeOver, was presented, with the defense of Adrian Neville of the NXT Championship against Tyson KIdd. From there all the specials have been called TakeOver with a subtitle.

While all these years NXT has continued to feel the territory of development, it really became a third brand, since most of the stars were veterans of the independent scene who had nothing to learn, including Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe.

► Third brand (2019- ??)

On August 20, 2019, WWE officially announced that NXT would begin to be broadcast on the USA Network. If NXT was already the third de facto brand, from this announcement it became the third official brand.

The purpose of NXT will compete with the weekly program of the new AEW company, which will be broadcast on Wednesdays at the same time.

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NXT's backstage staff includes experienced fighters whose responsibility is to train the next generation of WWE talents, these include Adam Pearce, Brian kendrick, Norman Smiley, Sarah Stock (Dark Angel), the WWE Hall of Fame member; Gerald Brisco and William Regal as general manager, all under the direction of Triple H (Paul Lavasque).


  • Duration: 60 minutes
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  • First broadcast: February 23, 2010
  • Official site: wwe.com/shows/wwenxt

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