W-1's original roster was made up of fighters loyal to Mutoh, who left AJPW in 2013. keiji mutoh He defined his company's style as "Fighting Entertainment" to differentiate it from AJPW's traditional practice.

wrestle-1  was a promotion of Japanese professional wrestling, founded by keiji mutoh after his resignation to AJPW in the so-called third schism that the veteran company suffered.

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Thirteen years after the second mass exodus it suffered AJPW, commanded by Mitsuharu Misawa, history repeated itself for the third time. Keiji Mutoh, who moved to AJPW after Misawa left, and who held shares in the league as well as the position of president, shocked the wrestling world with the announcement that he would leave the booming company and establish his own. draft.

Along with 10 other wrestlers and 3 dojo students, Mutoh parted ways with AJPW after the big event on June 30, 2013 at the Sumo Hall, splitting the veteran company into two fronts and ending the era of "Pro Wrestling Love” from the oldest Japanese professional wrestling company.

The new Mutoh promotion was called wrestle-1 (W-1, W stands for Wrestling, World Wide, Win, Wonderment) and began in September 2013 with a debut show at Tokyo Dome City Hall. With the name of the new company, Mutoh, which led W-1 as owner and president, took up one of his old projects.

In the years 2002 to 2005 four shows were organized under the motto WRESTLE-1. Back then, in cooperation with K-1 and PRIDE FC, WRESTLE-1 stood out with great arena shows, stars from various sports (wrestling, MMA, and kickboxing), expensive stages, effects, and packed houses. The WRESTLE-1 concept was then defined as a company that practiced an open door policy. Mutoh planned to collaborate with other companies to host dream matches.

Mutoh's ambitious plan was to present luchistic entertainment with lavish effects and grand shows. W-1 would expand to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore and, in addition to the men's roster matches, it would also host a women's division.

In mid-July 2014, Wrestle-1 partnered with TNA, this led to Mutoh's special appearance in October at the event Bound for Glory.

In February 2015, the cruiserweight division was created, with its own championship, which was added to the heavyweight and couples division. By March, the Wrestle-1 management had several resignations, so Mutoh offered to Sanshiro takagi, president of DDT a job in the management of your company. By April the sub-brand was created, Wrestle-1 Starting Point which promoted functions of the youth of the Dojo. On May 5, Takagi was introduced as the CEO of Wrestle-1. Their goal was to make the promotion more profitable by increasing sales and increasing the number of shows. A week later, seiya healed He finished his contract and went to North America to work as a freelancer. Also, the relationship between W-1 and TNA ended.

On March 30, 2016, Wrestle-1 held a show to celebrate the completion of the first course at the Dojo, while announcing the graduation of hana kimura, Jun Tonshō, reika saki and Seigo Tachibana. With two women graduating, Keiji Mutoh considered starting a women's division. On May 4, the president of AJPW, Jun Akiyama, made a surprise appearance for Wrestle-1, facing Keiji Mutoh, and the two agreed to a tag team match for August 11. Thus Mutoh returned to have a rapprochement with AJPW three years after leaving there. In September it was announced Pro Wrestling ACE, with the participation of the company's newbies.

The following year was crucial, as changes occurred in the corporate structure. Kaz hayashi became chairman, Keiji Mutoh remained chairman of the Administrative Board,  Shuji kondo, took over the vice-presidency and Sanshiro Takagi, remained only as an advisor. The Result Championship was created, for the youngest fighters and Mutoh developed its next project, the sub-brand M, where he presented the great legends of Japanese wrestling, several of them in retirement or semi-retirement.

Keiji Mutoh's knee injuries forced him to participate less in functions, until in 2018 he underwent patella replacement surgery on both legs stemming from degenerative osteoarthritis. Although Mutoh later returned to the activity, it was sporadic.

In March 2020, at a press conference, Kaz Hayashi and Keiji Mutoh announced the suspension of Wrestle-1 activities indefinitely. The inability to solve the economic problems was the main cause, after W-1 had survived thanks to one of the shareholders of GEN Entertainment Ltd., a partner consortium of Mutoh, had absorbed the losses. The Dojo and the foreign fighter residency program also came to an end.

The last function of the company was on April 1, behind closed doors for the Coronavirus Pandemic, Keiji Mutoh participated in the semifinal fight. A day before the contract of the fighters squad ended, who remained as free agents.


How to watch Wrestle-1 performances

wrestle-1 broadcast his events on GAORA TV and on his official YouTube channel

Important events:

Sunrise, Outbreak, Cherry Blossom, Triumph, Flashing Summer, Trans Magic, Symbol, Anniversary, Updraft, Autumn Bout, Shining Winter, W-Impact, Pro-Wrestling Love


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Outstanding image
Legal name
Wrestle-1 (旗揚げ戦, Wrestle-1 Hataage Sen)

keiji mutoh

Founded in
10 July 2013
Corporate Headquarters
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Main Alumni

Kaz hayashi
Masayuki kono
Shuji kondo
Seiki yoshioka
Pegasus Illuminar
Andy Wu
Daiki Inaba
Shoutaro Ashino


Wrestle-1 Starting Point
Pro Wrestling MASTERS
Pro Wrestling ACE

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