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When Last dragon returned from retirement, Takashi Okamura assumed the management of the company. One day after the fifth anniversary, Último Dragón left the company, taking the name and trademarks. toryumon japan changed his name to Gate Dragon, while Ultimo Dragón only retained representation in Mexico.

toryumon is the name of the professional wrestling school of Last dragon and the promotion of associated professional wrestling. The school had two dojos, Mexico and Japan. The school also hosted professional wrestling events under the banners of its graduate groups.

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Toryumon Mexico organizes three to six events a year, depending on the work commitments of Last dragon in companies in Mexico, the United States and Japan.

Last Dragon also has the sponsorship of Japanese transnational companies and it is the staff who work in them who are granted tickets to attend, very few tickets are available for the traditional fan.

The functions take place in gyms or small sports venues in the CDMX or in its periphery, except Dragonmania, which takes place in the Arena Mexico and invited fighters from Japanese companies such as AJPW.

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It does not have a transmission service or commercial channel.

Important events: 

Young Dragons Cup, Yokohama Cup, Lucha Fiesta and Dragonmanía

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Outstanding image
Legal name
Toryumon (闘 龍門, Tōryūmon)

Last dragon (Yoshihiro Asai)

Founded in
11 May 1997
Corporate Headquarters
Tokyo, Japan / Naucalpan, State of Mexico
Main Alumni

Genki Horiguchi
Dragon kid
Milano Collection AT
Taiji ishimori

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