Triple H highlights the effort of Bad Bunny and Logan Paul

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Bad bunny he's in the middle of an art tour and has a pretty tight schedule, but during his time at WWE he quite impressed the Universe WWE and I could be back in the Royal Rumble 2023. At least Triple H will look for a way so that the artist can participate in said event, after being part of this year's edition of the traditional thirty-man fight.

Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37
Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37

► Triple H wants Bad Bunny and Logan Paul back

In a recent interview with LAD BibleTV, Triple H talked about how Bad Bunny worked hard every day before his participation in WrestleMania 37, and referred to the fact that the artist was open for a return to the company. He also mentioned the great performance of Logan Paul en SummerSlam and that both that and Bad Bunny's at WrestleMania last year were loved by fans.

“If you told me, 'Hey, there's this guy Logan Paul, he wants to get involved in the wrestling business, he wants to get involved in WWE, and he comes in, he has an attitude and he doesn't want to get hurt, and he doesn't want to get hit, and he wants be special and everything about him…' I'm not going to do that. When someone arrives who loves him, who is passionate about him, who trains for that... You don't do what he did in the events in which he has worked for us, You don't do what he's done at WrestleMania without a lot of hard work and without a lot of effort.

Same with Bad Bunny, this guy just won artist of the year at the music video awards, arguably the biggest music attraction on the planet, and he's like, 'Hey, when can I get in the ring for you guys? again? '. When I tell you that he was going to do things for us with Miz and all that at WrestleMania and have that moment… I was very honest with him, I said “you are going to have to work very hard on this”. Went and got a house in Orlando, down the street, and he appeared every day at that entertainment center every day. He got in that ring every day and got his ass kicked."

Logan Paul after beating The Miz at WWE SummerSlam 2022 (30/07/2022) / WWE
Logan Paul after beating The Miz at WWE SummerSlam 2022 (30/07/2022) / WWE

Triple H recognizes the effort that Bad Bunny and Logan Paul have put into their few appearances in the ring and both have Superstar contracts. Definitely, They are two of the non-fighters who have most impressed in a ring and The Game knows that it counts on them for the future.

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