Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns (Leati Joseph)

He is a professional fighter who works for the WWE with the brand S under the name Roman Reigns.

In his career he has achieved four World Championships, getting three times to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and once WWE Universal Champion, also has a reign like WWE United States Champion, a reign like WWE Intercontinental Champion, a reign as Champion in WWE couples with Seth Rollins and a reign like Champion in Couples of the FCW.

Reigns was the winner of the Royal Rumble 2015 y GrandSlam champion being the second member of the The Shield in getting it behind Dean ambrose. He is the second fighter alongside Brock Lesnar who has managed to beat The Undertaker en WrestleMania and the only one who beat Brothers Of Drestruction in WrestleMania 30 y 33.

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