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Logan Paul was born on April 1, 1995, although he dedicates himself more to his work as YouTube, has had several presentations in WWE.

After his career as a youtuber, Logan Paul decided to try his luck in the sport, having two exhibition fights against Floyd mayweather jr and Mike Tyson.

In 2021 he had his first appearance on April 2 as a guest of Sami Zayn, whom he accompanied at ringside in WrestleMania 37, when Sami faced Kevin Owens, being this the winner of the duel. Although Paul celebrated with a KO, he ended up receiving a Stunner.

Although he could get even by attacking Owens along with Baron corbin at the SmackDown event on September 3.

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In 2022 : was invited from The Miz to WWE, where it was announced that he would have his first fight in the company next to the Amazing, facing Mistery King y Dominic Mysterio at WrestleMania 38.

Said and done, the youtuber had his first fight in this event, leaving a very good taste in his mouth, achieving victory, but after this was betrayed by The Miz.

On June 30, he signed a contract with WWE and his first fight, already with the agreement, It was against The Miz, at SummerSlam, managing to come out with the victory.

His peak moment came in Crown Jewel on November 5, where he had the opportunity for the WWE Championship in the hands of Roman Reigns; however, despite giving a great fight, he was defeated.

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