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Dana White: The Most Important Man in MMA

Since the debut of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on the world scene with the launch of Ultimate Fighting Championship On November 12, 1993 many people from various sports were amazed at the potential of the new sport. One of them was Dana Frederick White Jr.

Dana White, who had been an amateur boxer, and began as a representative of boxers, ventured in the same way in the world of MMA also representing gladiators such as Tito Ortiz y Chuck liddell.

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The UFC bankruptcy

Although the new show of Mixed Martial Arts promoted by the UFC had drawn attention, the truth is that, in the absence of rules, there were many unfair competitions causing various state athletic commissions to ban events.

Although the UFC began to implement rules and weight divisions in its events, broadcasts by large television platforms continued to restrict the important income for the company, and its events had to be in very small coliseums and in rural places so that the athletic commissions did not chase them, the political pressure was such that the events from UFC 23 to UFC 29 were only marketed as a home video sale, and not as a ppv.

The financial situation of the UFC owners was on the verge of bankruptcy, and that's where Dana White appears to mediate the sale of the company to the brothers. Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta. With Dana's ideas and the investment and intermediation of the Fertitta UFC, he began to break little by little the obstacles that kept him from the general public.

“We are not Don King”: Dana White

Dana has not only been in charge of running a fighter company. Rather, it has sought, in various ways, to diversify the impact of Mixed Martial Arts around the world and above all to create a culture of respect and harmony where there was none.

One of those moments where Dana has highlighted what MMA should be was when during the first season of The Ultimate Fighter (reallity show, his idea) several of the competitors complained about multiple situations (no contract fights, weight cut , even roommates), and Dana, visibly upset said:

“It is not about losing weight. It's not about living in a f#$& house. It's about if you want to be a fighter. Not everything is screwed # $%, you know? sign autographs and you can hang out with girls when you get out of here. But it is not that. It's not fucking funny man, isn't it. It is a job like any other job. Being a fighter is not having all the fucking #% girls and signing autographs. It is hard work, but you have the opportunity to earn money, be famous and do something for this sport here. That's what all this is about. So the question is not if you thought you had to gain weight, you thought you had to do this. Do you want to be a damn fighter? That is my question. And only you know the answer Anyone who says no… I don't want him here. And I'll dump it on this gym shit, so f ** k # $% & quick your head will spin. You'll sit in the other shitty house playing checkers. It's up to you. I don't care okay? I love you all. That is why they are here. All the guys in this room right now, your trainers are trying hard. They believe in you. I just want to make sure everyone wants to be p $% & fighters. That's. That is all I want to know. It's okay?"

Since then, being a company in broken banking, and under the direction of Dana, UFC grew by leaps and bounds, competing side by side with any other sports promoter. To the extent that the Fertitta brothers received an unmissable offer of $ 4,025 million for the sale of the company. There was not much to think about, and the new owners of UFC is the WME-IMG conglomerate. Who decided for ample reasons, not to put his hand in sports, leaving Dana and all his team in the positions they occupied before.

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