Bill Goldberg/WWE

Bill Goldberg, the fighter known for finishing most of his matches in less than 5 minutes.

Bill Goldberg is a fighter, actor and former NFL player. Despite having obtained few titles in his career (3 WCW World Championships and 2 in WWE) achieved immense fame in the 90's with WCW due to an unbeaten streak of 173 fights.
Goldberg is remembered for his limited technique, but imposing strength, he was able to apply his vertical supplex - known as Jackhammer- to The Big Show, most of his career struggles have ended in less than 5 minutes and he has injured several fighters, including Bret Hart.

His controversial rivalry with Brock Lesnar culminated in a meeting in Wrestlemania 20, in the middle of boos, because fans knew that Goldberg was not going to re-sign with WWE (it took 12 years to return).

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