Stardom is a professional women's wrestling company, the largest in Japan. It is based on the combination of experienced wrestlers and young girls, as well as former models. Stardom's style in the ring is influenced by mixed martial arts with many of its fighters. Their goal is to find new talent and shape the next generation of Joshi Superstars.

Upon its founding, Stardom quickly became one of Joshi puroresu's biggest promotions, largely due to the Gravure idol, Yuzuki aikawa, which ensured him a permanent place in the Japanese sports press

In January 2011 she started a new female wrestling company, whose concept was very reminiscent of Ice ribbon. Nanae Takahashi, longtime Ice Ribbon guest writer, former model and wrestler fuka y rossy ogawa (director of the old ARSION) joined together and founded Stardom.

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In addition to Yuzuki Aikawa, the first group of female fighters that Fuka began to train consisted of Arisa Hoshiki, Eri Susa, Kairi hojo, Mayu iwatani, Yoko Bito and Yoshiko. On September 7, Rossy Ogawa held a press conference where he announced the name of the new company: World Wonder Ring Stardom. Fuka was named general manager and Nanae Takahashi, the game manager.

Stardom held its first performance on January 23, 2011, before a packed Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, where Stardom's training dojo was also located.

In the course of that year, the company announced the acquisition of Miho Wakizawa, from AJW and the independent fighter I Shirai.

Stardom distinguished itself from other female companies by not allowing its staff of fighters to alternate work with other female companies, as is customary.

After six months of events at the Shin-Kiba 1st RING, Stardom began performing in Osaka and followed by a performance at Korakuen Hall, where the first championships were announced: the World of stardom and Wonder of stardom. A week later, the first couples tournament was announced, which concluded with the coronation of the first monarchs who won the Goddesses of Stardom Championship.

On October 17, 2019, Stardom was acquired by Bushiroad. On January 4, 2020, Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki faced Hana Kimura and Giulia in a dark match, being the first female fight in Wrestle kingdom 14 de NJPW.


How to view Stardom features

Stardom offers the streaming service, with most of the live events from 2011. It also has exclusive content and promotion of its fighters.

The subscription cost is 920 yen.

Important events:

Anniversary, The Highest, 5 * STAR Grand Prix, Mask Fiesta, Goddesses Of Stardom, Year-End Climax


Official Stardom Links


Stardom world

Twitter @wwr_stardom (Japanese)

@we_are_stardom (English)

Youtube STARDOM official


Outstanding image
Legal name
Kabushiki Gaisha Stardom (World Wonder Ring Stardom)

Fuka Kakimoto

rossy ogawa

Nanae takahashi

Founded in
September 7, 2010
Corporate Headquarters
Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan
Main Alumni

Yuzuki aikawa
I Shirai
Mayu iwatani
Arisa Hoshiki
Yoko bito
Kairi hojo
Tony Storm
hana kimura

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