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The magic of LLF

By Darkangelita. Lucha Libre Femenil (LLF) has been a company that has marked a before and after


By Darkangelite.

La Mexican wrestling It offers you a large number of possibilities throughout our country. Where there will be promotions like next Tuesday in the Arena Mexico where all the Arena will be at 2 x 1; Guerrero Azteca and Cachorro II play mask against hair in the Matamoro Quadrilateral Arenas on Saturday 9; The World Championship of Couples CMLL defends itself for the first time the new champions La Máscara and Rush will face a pair that already had it on their waist: Tama Tonga and Terrible this Friday in the Mexico; A heartfelt and deserved tribute will have the teacher Panchito Villalobos in the Gloria Gym of this capital on the 9th, two years after his departure.

Does technology kill Mexican wrestling?

Phoenix, Halloween and The Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown and Monster Clown) / Photo by @Psychooriginal on Twitter
Phoenix, Halloween and The Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown and Monster Clown) / Photo by @Psychooriginal on Twitter

The President of IWA Florida, Jose Mateo, affirmed through the RG La Deportiva 690 AM regional station that:

“In Mexican Wrestling, what is failing is the misuse of technology, because fans are only looking for information, what happened and not, through forums. That affects his wrestling a lot. The wow factor is over for you because of technology”

What do you think?.

Ayako Hamada in Monterrey!

Ayako Hamada / Image courtesy of TNAwrestling.com for Super Fights
Ayako Hamada / Image courtesy of TNAwrestling.com for Super Fights

Gladiator of Mexican and Japanese descent, Ayako Valentina Hamada Villarreal, better known internationally as Ayako hamada, go back to LLF (Women's Wrestling) to have a clash of power to power before “The Most Violent in Mexico”  Sadistic, next Friday, March 15 at the Women's Arena in Monterrey.

At least two exTNAs are among the candidates to be the Powertec Spokesmodel

Nikki Roxx at the Powertec Spokemodel Search 2012 / Facebook.com

Powertech It is a leading company in the manufacture of gym products and physical conditioning, for this reason every year it looks for an athlete who becomes its spokesperson or spokemodel, at present they are in the search of their representative for 2012 in a popularity contest among the members of Facebook and it is curious to see among the participants two well-known fighters who worked in TNA:

Nikki Roxx in Universe Weekend


The beautiful and always well remembered Nikki Roxx will take part in the Universe Weekend. A fair that brings together more than 500 most stylized bodies in fitness in North America. From these lines we wish you total success.

For those who lost track of Nikki after his departure from TNA (where he was fighting as Roxxi) and have not seen it recently we leave this photo of one of his last participations in a fitness competition.