AAA's main event is Triplemania, which has been held since 1993, to this event have been added annual events that have become classics of the Mexican struggle, such as Verano de Escándalo, Héroes Inmortales (Tribute to Antonio Peña) and Rey de Reyes.

Wrestling AAA Worldwide (AAA), is the Mexican professional wrestling company, founded in 1992 by Antonio Pena.

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The death of its founder and leader, Antonio Peña, left an immense void in AAA, but in the years before his death, Peña included his brother-in-law, Joaquín Roldán, and Roldán's son, Dorian Roldán, in the company. conduction, keeping AAA on par with the CMLL like the two great professional wrestling companies in Mexico.

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War of Titans

Summer of Scandal

King of Kings


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Legal name
AAA Worldwide Wrestling

Antonio Pena Herrada

Founded in
15 May 1992
Corporate Headquarters
Mexico City, Mexico
Main Alumni

The Parka
Black Abyss
Pentagon Jr.
Psycho clown

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