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Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling was a company formed in 1989 by Atsushi Onita with a capital of 50 thousand yen. It was the first company of extreme fighting, the only truly profitable extreme company in history and the pioneer of independent groups in Japan. Not only did he cause a sensation in Japan, but he also had a huge influence on the wrestling style of the 90s in America.

The success of FMW sparked the emergence of other independent companies in the XNUMXs, such as IWA Japan and W * ING.

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In 1995, after one of Onita's retreats, announcer Shoichi Arai became the new president of the company, changing the name to Entertainment Wrestling FMW, modifying much of the style.

The October 22 of 2001, Hayabusa He broke his neck in a fight with Mamooth Sasaki. This, and the disappearance of DirectTV Japan (which broadcast the FMW PPVs) led to the collapse of the company, which was declared bankrupt on February 14, 2002.

Because of the debts, Shoichi Arai committed suicide on May 16, 2002.

After the disappearance of FMW, other groups emerged:

World Entertainment Wrestling (WEW), by Kodo Fuyuki, founded in August 2002.
Wrestling Marvelous Future (WMF), of Hayabusa, founded in August 2002.
Apache Pro Wrestling Army, by Kintaro Kanemura, founded in August 2004.
Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS, by Takashi Sasaki, founded in August 2009.
Super FMW, by Tarzan Goto, founded in November 2009.
Super Battle Wrestling FMW, of Hayabusa and Hideki Takahashi, founded in March 2015.

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Outstanding image
Legal name
FMW (超 戦 闘 プ ロ レ ス FMW, Chō Sentō Puroresu FMW)

Atsushi Onita

Founded in
28 July 1989
Corporate Headquarters
Tokyo, Japan
Main Alumni

Tarzan goto
Mr pogo
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
Super Leather (Leatherface)
Tiger jeet singh
Chris Jericho

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