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Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling was founded in 1997 to promote professional wrestling events of the Toryumon group of Last dragon, although since 2004 the promotion continued independently.

Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling is a Japanese professional wrestling company, it is particularly known for its spectacular style that mixes Puroresu (Japanese wrestling) with Mexican wrestling.

More information about Dragon Gate

After separation from the system toryumon, Dragon Gate had a great economic growth, besides that it became very popular among fans. Keeping its luchistic foundations well defined, it focused on an international market, which led the company to enter into agreements with companies such as ROH y Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

In a short time it became the direct competition of companies such as NJPW, AJPW, NOAH y Zero1, without losing an iota of its identity as an indy company. Another of its characteristic features was the performance of a large number of functions per year, being one of the most active in Japan.




How to view Dragon Gate features

Dragon Gate offers the streaming service Dragon Gate Live, with most of the events live. as well as documentary content and exclusive interviews.

It has two subscription levels:

1,000 yen level for the archive with current shows appearing there one month after they are broadcast.

1,500 yen tier for live streaming 3-4 shows per month, including all Korakuen and PPV. You have a week to watch them before they are put out for Japanese TV and then uploaded back to the archive.

The current archive has most of 2016 onwards with every Kobe World and various Toryumon shows since 1999.

Important events:

Dead Or Alive, Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival, The Gate Of Destiny, Final Gate, Dangerous Gate

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Outstanding image
Legal name
Dragon Gate (ド ラ ゴ ン ゲ ー ト, Doragon Gētonte

Takashi okumura

Founded in
5 July 2004
Corporate Headquarters
Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
Main Alumni

J Masaaki Mochizuki
Shuji kondo
Naruki Doi
Akira Tozawa
BxB Hulk
Shingo takagi

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