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Super Luchas is proud to be the largest community in Spanish of fans of wrestling and MMA, this is due to the constant collaboration of all who are part. If you have any input, a photo, a video, or a tip, just send it to, but if you want to be an official part of the Staff, we suggest you read the following:

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  1. Your words and opinions will be read by hundreds of thousands of people every day in a publication known and respected by wrestlers, promoters and fans, an alternative to the incomplete and few serious content that other media offer.
  2. You will get economic bonuses for writing about what you like most
  3. You will be part of a team of true fans who consider wrestling not only a sport, but also an art that requires communication skills and stage talent superior to those of other sports activities
  4. You can collaborate wherever you are, no matter what country you live in or what your schedule is, Superluchas is a team made up of people distributed throughout the world
  5. You will have ample editorial freedom in subject, style and frequency of publication, the only requirement is truthfulness, clarity and knowledge of what you write

How to be part of superfights?

Send to one or two complete and original notes, attach your personal data including your account Twitter, Facebook and / or Instagram. The evaluation criteria are:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of sport (Wrestling, Box or MMA)
  2. Seriousness and clarity, not parody texts.
  3. Good writing and spelling (accents, commas, capitalization, etc.)
  4. Attachment to our Content Policies

Not everyone can be part of Superfights, normally only 10% of applicants are accepted, but all requests are answered Bonds

Superluchas grants monetary bonuses to all its collaborators, these bonuses depend on the quality of the contribution and the impact on the community (comments, visits, etc.)

There are no minimums or maximums, all contributions count, the main objective of each is to generate interest and inform the public in the most appropriate way.

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