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DDT Dramatic Dream Team Pro Wrestling, is a Japanese Professional Wrestling company known for a humorous style that frequently parodies the WWE, predominating very eccentric situations and combats (fights with inanimate objects, children, animals or non-existent beings) but without neglecting "real" wrestling.

Considered as the one of the cult company par excellence within the Japanese independent scene.

DDT receives great influence from WWE, from the Royal Rumble (Matcharten) until the 24/7 title (Iron Man Heavy Metal Championship) and the tricks imitations, of which Shoichi Ichinomiya was the main responsible.


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During his time on DDT, Ichinomiya copied almost every fighter in the WWF, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Mr. America, Bret Hart or Steve Austin, just to name a few. But the stars of Japan weren't safe from Ichinomiya skits either. Be it Misawa, Hashimoto, Ogawa, Nagata, Choshu, Akebono, Ebessan or legends of the joshi puroresu like Shark Tsuchiya and Bull Nakano.

While DDT's weird and hilarious moments are a must, league events aren't all comedy. With the great fliers Mikami, Kudo, HARASHIMA and in its time, Kota Ibushi, DDT has some of the best fighters on the independent scene.

In recent years, DDT has strayed a bit from extremely bizarre stories and is now a well-known independent company that has built a fairly respectable fan base in Tokyo and its metropolitan area. However, DDT cannot do without crazy ideas. One of the main stars is gay Danshoku Dino, who caused a sensation with a stunt similar to Hard Gay (from HUSTLE) with his unusual moves with sexual overtones becoming a true Indy phenomenon in recent years.

In April 2004, the company became DDT Pro-Wrestling Co., Ltd. At the same time, DDT changed its name. The Dramatic Dream Team became DDT Pro-Wrestling.

The most important championships are the KO-D Open Weight Championship and the KO-D Couples Championship. Also, there is the King of DDT tournament. The Extreme DDT Championship, a hardcore title, was introduced in 2006.

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DDT offers the Wrestle Universe streaming service, with most of the live events from DDT, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Ganbare ☆ Puroresu and BASARA (until 2019)

The subscription cost is 900 Yen per month.

Important events:

Peter Pan, Hard Hit, Max Bump, King Of DDT, Never Mind, Judgment, DNA, Ganbare Pro, Beer Garden Fight


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Outstanding image
Legal name
DDT Pro-Wrestling 株式会社 DDT プ ロ レ ス リ ン グ Kabushiki-kaisha DDT Puroresuringu

Shintaro muto

Sanshiro takagi

Kyouhei Mikami (MIKAMI)


Founded in
Corporate Headquarters
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Main Alumni

Danshoku dino
Daisuke Sasaki
Kenny omega
Kota Ibushi
Ken ohka
Yukio sakaguchi
Konosuke takeshita
Tetsuya endo


Ganbare ☆ Puroresu
Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

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