CLL - Chile Lucha Libre

CLL - Chile Lucha Libre

CLL - Chile Lucha Libre

CLL - Chile Lucha Libre - This is Wrestling, is a Lucha Libre sports group based in Santiago de Chile, dedicated to performing shows for the whole family.

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Video: Great Fighting Chilean Lucha Libre - Dick Togo in Chile Lucha Libre

Dick Togo performs simultaneous surrender to Bajo Cero and Bunny. Photograph by Marcelo Urzúa

You can say, without fear of being wrong, that Dick togo he must be one of the most recognized independent Japanese fighters in the West, a product of his time in kaientai, which led to appearances on ECW and WWE (then WWF). Togo's rapprochement with South America began at the beginning of 2011, when Dick Togo announced that he was retiring from wrestling, and that his retirement tour would end in South America, more specifically in Bolivia, this because as he points out in this interview He is an admirer of Che Guevara and wanted his career to end in the place where he died.

The blood, the price to pay for just trying

By Dante

Greetings to the SuperLuchas community, it is a pleasure to share this note with you.

In any clash of forces that has occurred, call yourself war, fight, fight; regardless of place or time; cause or reason, the blood on the battlefield it is a consequence, logical and expected. It arises from two rivalries that are torn apart. Blood is the symbol of strength, rather, it is strength. It is the price to pay for the mere fact of trying, it is the cost to consolidate.