Booker T, in favor of Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul

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A week ago at a press conference, it was confirmed that Logan Paul will challenge Roman Reigns for a fight for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship in the premium event that will take place in Saudi Arabia this November 5, Crown jewel. Many do not understand how it is possible that Logan Paul after only two fights is going to fight the Tribal boss for the maximum title of the company, but the former referee Jim Korderas understands why this meeting will take place, particularly because of the media issue.

Roman Reigns and Logan Paul - WWE
Roman Reigns and Logan Paul – WWE

► Booker T believes that Roman Reigns and Logan Paul will give a great show

Although there are divided opinions on the fact that a non-wrestler like Logan Paul has a shot at the top championship over other Superstars, the WWE Hall of Famer Booker t said in the last episode of the podcast reality of wrestling what do you think the fight between the well-known celebrity against Roman Reigns will be a success in Saudi Arabia and that the fans of said country will love it.

“I like being at Crown Jewel. Crown Jewel is not your typical WWE show or typical WWE fan shows or anything like that. Crown Jewel is a show. It's about giving those fans a night, a great show. The fans in Saudi Arabia are going to love it."

"It's different there, and Logan Paul and Roman Reigns, I think those guys are going to put on a good show, There's no doubt".

Logan Paul and Paul Heyman - WWE SmackDown September 16, 2022
Logan Paul and Paul Heyman - WWE SmackDown September 16, 2022

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion also said he sees "a bright future in professional wrestling" for Logan Paul, and he praised him as a great athlete.

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