Austin Theory responds to accusations of stealing from Tyler Breeze

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En the positive plane has often been compared to Austin theory with John Cena, in the negative plane with Tyler Breeze. With one because of his charisma and his physique, with another because of his character that he currently likes so much about the mobile phone. Although to be fair neither of the two comparisons makes sense. It is not necessary to continue talking about the 16 times World Champion so we continue with the "Prince Pretty" -now known as Breezus- and the criticisms made of the young promise of WWE.

Tyler Breeze in NXT - WWE
Tyler Breeze on NXT

► Did Austin Theory take over from Tyler Breeze?

Because speaking recently in SK Wrestling, Austin Theory wanted to answer these comparisons with Tyler Breeze, pointing out, which I personally fully share, that they are actually different characters.

“You see things on the internet where people say, 'He's stealing this, he's stealing that.' For me, it's a different way of doing it and I'm doing it in a different way.. Anything that people have seen before or think they might have seen before, they don't want to get along with it because they're like, 'Well, it's already happened.' But I think what I do is totally different.

“If anyone has a different opinion than that, it's theirs, but I think it's great. I think it will be great when I take that selfie in Saudi Arabia with the WWE Championship in Elimination Chamber. People can tweet all they want and say they hate this. It doesn't matter why it's a selfie that will be in the history books forever".

Austin Theory humiliating Finn Bálor on WWE Raw
Austin Theory humiliating Finn Bálor on WWE Raw

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