Attention fans, Joey Janela will not stop arguing with you

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When we talk about the way they face the fans we find all kinds of fighters. For example, Recently Roman Reigns commented that if in the past he enjoyed answering the haters he ended up discovering that the only thing he got out of it was negativity so he stopped doing it. Instead, Joey janela enjoy arguing with them. Among many other things for which this talented fighter stands out, that is one of them, how much he attracts attention on social networks. He was talking about it fightful.

► Joey Janela will continue to argue

«That I'm not going to stop talking shit on the Internet. I will not stop arguing with fans with three followers. I'm not going to change my style. I'm not going to change. Nobody is going to change me. I will argue with you on the Internet. So if you want to come for me, I'll come for you. It's entertaining for me. I don't have thin skin. My skin is thicker than a XNUMXth century brick of grease. It's entertaining for me. It's also entertaining for a lot of other people."

He also commented that it feels like Virgil, another one that is also used to making people talk on the Internet:

«I feel like Virgil right now. There is nothing here. I think Virgil has a bigger line than I do these days. Yes Yes Yes. Well, he's probably trying to swindle you out of his money. three dollars? Not even fifty cents. But he's Virgil, man. It's a legend, you know? He's been going around, doing these signings at conventions, signing at subway stations. Virgil is a scammer«.

Indeed, our colleagues they tried to get a big headline for their article like the former WWE:

"F*ck. What should I say? Let me think. Give me a second. I could say something quite controversial. hey never mind«.

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