Chyna (Joanie Laurer) / Photo by: pinguino k -
Chyna (Joanie Laurer) / Photo by: pinguino k -

Largo texto de Chyna contra Vince McMahon, HHH, Xpac y la WWE

Chyna (Joanie Laurer) / Photo by pinguino k -

Durante el pasado miércoles y jueves, la ex-WWE y actual porno-star, Chyna, publicó en su Twitter una serie de textos contra WWE y su ex-jefe, Vince McMahon, acusándolos de tratar de arruinar su vida, de seguir acosándola, y retándolos a que la demanden. HHH, X-Pac y Stephanie McMahon también fueron incluidos en el “rant”

Este es un fragmento:!/ChynaChyna9/status/160134231153065984

Hola fans, me gusto verlos en AVN, Hey Vince, por todo tu abuso, eres un perdedor y siempre lo serás
Somos tu y yo, regrésame la llamada, ya inició perra, soy una peleadora
Puedes seguir mi agenda, darme problemas y demandarme, pero no tomar una llamada?

Esta es la larga secuencia de Tweets, que incluye insultos a HHH y X-Pac, a quienes llama bravucones incluso asesinos, aunque la forma en que está redactado hace dudar que Chyna estuviera sobria, por eso no vale demasiado la pena traducirlo todo, pero ustedes opinen.

You can follow my schedule start trouble sue whatev but not pick up the phone?? If u don’t have ur x pac punks out the window I’m showin up
And the taxes and the money and the radio. It’s 2012 suck dick Vince, who cares..but don’t abuse. U will be accountable,hhh,xpac watch!
I need to fila another official restraining order. Death threats affect my reputation… damn Sorry Buffallo.
Taxes? Witnesses? Trauma, hell just respect, sue me Vince so everyone can figure it out please. And quit using my name. Psycho fuck!
I won’t quit Vince. You won’t…and I’m nothing like you. You’re a punk. I’m good with me. I’ll take whatever punk setup you got. IKEx10
thanks 4 following my schedule so u could mess it all up. Why u scared of me Vince. i could talk, really talk, but it’s me and u…..
Your’e a chump Mother playing with kids and superheroes…U make me ur life now me 2 cause i want nothing to do with you. pig!
HHH and x pac follow me on Twitter?? yeah so then this is why. Back off. Murderers and bullies. If it came time time to pop on ur own/ Ha
Say my name asshole…say it!!! I want @0k for all those that paid it and mine noe too. Shirts doll, freaky chinese sex tapes, Truth baby
So follow this WWE…….I’m not going anywhere, but I will try to make you feel every bit that u put on me and my loved ones. Alive.
It’s CHYNA That’s how much jerko?? No names they make money. …….I call you the punk bitch clique..
can I buy and copywright that??? LOl!!! Really guys??? I’m fightin…. Everyone sits back and let’s that happen? Really?
I’m coming for you Vince…….You won’t leave mw alone, so let’s go. ??? Call me?? Coward. ur so lame. a fan? Of you? ur talent? f u
u wanna rape me and lie and video and laugh and threaten?? Why you so worried? u disrespectful ego psychos. I’m not scared..le’ts go.
I have a lot to say that’s not so funny, you bring it bitch! I’ll explain and we’ll let the judge decide. If I can show up!! you F!!!
Oh and’s CHYNA…and for ur death pole between Scott Hall and i..Damn I’m already under cause of u. All the drugs and ur protect
ur protection keeps them alive..with the billions we, meaning me and the fans…and ur talent..ahem I didn’t say men…. you wanna fight.??
If he can and you can than why can’t I tell the truth. They’re threatening my life. What’s the problem??
like they haven’t??? That’s why I am standing up.. I know babe, but it’s not OK and I stand behind that. until he leaves me alone.
Don’t start none won’t be one..Damn really still…Do I look like a b? What do you boys think???? So then don’t treat me like one damnit.
That’s what’s up HHH and X Pac who have been following and then some. Direct threatening me. ENOUGH.
Anybody? Boys? Vince’s peeps?? Anything?? yeah, I thought so…. nobody. Then why r xpac hhh still able to get away with their abuse?
You boys stay at home with your kids and quit worrying about me. Cause i can’t wait to open forum….
U just try me more and my family who I love. I’ve already taken bullets, I’ll go again!!! You punks! Leave me alone!
Goodnight all, positive thoughts. Be strong. Love, trust, loyalty??? Think about it. Stop pushing me. Not funny,
signing out. Now let’s get back to pretty if we can…..”
She continued Thursday, “I guess for life means you live and die there…even if it’s at the very end… Umm I’m not competing w Scott Hall for a Death Poll!.
Does that make money cause if I’m on top two I should be making some bank??? Hello? Anyone? Does Vince have al the lawyers paid? Sorry rude
He is master of manipulating the law..That’s why f it I’m going for it now!! No more abuse!!! And Hey guys be scared for Vince not me.
I do my taxes like a fiend, even though no money, health, work? Now the name again? Really It’s the same bad mo fo Vince Me! Nothing you!!
On Way to AVN’S soon. I have alerted the threat that has happened so many times so I can fight back when he comes this time.
Or whatever sneaky whatever. Tell you what a contract means…Tear it up and do a new one….. I’m covered. Blood sport. Not cool. Boys?
lock up your daughters!!! (cept for me!! I’m single and looking! LOL!) xxx I’ll take whatever Vinny but not without a fight you got??
I love my boys, my family, this is between Vince and his severe abuse to me and still continues. And it’s not OK…. HHH, Stephanie, X PAC!!
in the mean time w out probs please can’t wait to see everyone in Vegas for the AVN’S. Thank you VIVID!!! I’m so proud to be with you
OH Yeah!!! Here I come!!!! I feel strong and happy and now I’m pissed. Move out of my way. U’ll get run over….. Probably for real w Vince.
I’m still 4 life, even for principle, and I loved my family and Vince, I’m not killing myself lately..notice? But it was because of you.
Now come out and explain and you wanna play bully? I don’t work for you, you can ask Mr. Hirsch, oh and get with him on everything . legal.
I can slam some drinks, but when x pac puts ghb in them u don’t get it till years later.. never happen to you right? HHH good friend right?
So let’s have fun at the AVN’s this is huge huge for Vivid and the industry!! So excited. Be safe and be careful. We’re watching. And keep!
Thank you to all for making my dvd w VIVID such a success and a new start for me. The quality is so beautiful. I’m ashamed of DX now…
not my athletic ability and the fans, Oh I weep still, but that whole group os so gross. Would you work for him? that PG? And Public? Woa??
well let it be the hhh xpac and vince and steph show!!!! Save the rest of them the bs!! Let them do it!!! AVN”s Yaaayyy!!!
I got my smile and I’m good with me, no matter what. I know that. Fight big!!!!!!! Plus I have sh 2 do and I’m gettin irritated now!
AVN!!!!!! See you in Vegas all I love you!!!…. xoxo like Ali in his prime.. I guess those words just fly out finally. The truth hurts!!!
I’ll fight you tooth and nail Vince. II made a vow to change my life. That means you now have some answers to give. Mr. great Business boss?
So glad u tried to degrade me and made it through cause i love VIVID!! and wanna wrestle at Bunny Ranch anyone? HHmmmmm??????
Off in a bit. Stand up, fear and money, root of all evil. Kick ass and take names….sometimes you have to, ugh!!
Accidents happen be careful. (that’s what they tell me) but be safe have fun don’t drink and drive and come to AVN”s!!!!!
and if any of you Mother f ers have anything to say!!! Now’s the time!!! (o ren ishi….and ilegal aliens!!) hee heee see you there! Love
And that is why I am the Queen Of Sports! I saved my life from you and didn’t even touch them, Sean many times. They need to leave me alone
Get your own material and do your own piece of sh show….. Truly admirable!! Yah!!! Just watch the AVN’s No more $ FOR..What r their names?
I forgot, but VH! had to pay Vinny a mint,,, Where’s my dough?? I know that’s my name vince and it’s all me? Wanna get it straight in court?
In the justice system there are consequences for your actions…. just in case you forgot. And you aren’t the justice system too. IRS??
Besides you cheapscate billionaire!! Spend some money would ya?? Charity or somethig??? Court costs?? LOL! Bye all See you at AVN’s”

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  1. guitar2794 dice:

    *Yao Ming No lo va a leer ni Dios!!!

    1. JerichoBack dice:

      Traducción por favor, si es que no es mucha molestia superluchas.

      1. larocaperu dice:

        yo no estoy drogado y digo lo mismo q quien sea y donde sea cuando se me da la regalada gana

    2. Estaría drogada o algo asi, o xqe tanta agresividad y violencia

  2. Haay, Chyna, Chyne, WHAT ARE U DOING??

  3. Chyna aprendio de cm punk PIPE BOMB chyna!!!!!!

    1. thetruthcansetyoufree dice:


    2. Casey Jones dice:

      xD, tranquila yelissa, ese man es un tro.ll, llevo tiempo leyendo sus idioteces sin sentido, me dice que vivo y repiro por los rate ups, pero este vive y respira por llamar la atención y por los rate downs

      ¿no ves que es un intento de stan lee de marvel comics?

  4. se ve que andaba bieeeeeeeeen horneada cuando posteo esa sarta de sandeces, pobrecita hasta lástima me da.


    Chale, se que la mayoria son mentadas pero habria sido chido traducirlo todo =(

    1. XheadXhunterdhX dice:

      ya lo traduci, como dices son puras mentadas, no te pierdes de nada al leerlo..

    2. Realmente cuando dijeron largo no mentían… y aunque fuera con Traductor de Google ni 1 minuto les hubiera tomado, y si lo censuran, es por que tengo razón…

      1. XheadXhunterdhX dice:

        harmon holl te lo recomiendo,

      2. THE BIG RED MACHINE dice:

        Pa que aprendas a decir “wachinton” como en el comercial de ingles por internet jajaja xD

      3. XheadXhunterdhX dice:

        mejor te mando la prechentachion va¡¡

  6. Bueno, parece que Chyna se sacó todo el resentimiento que llevaba dentro desde hace años, ahora, habrá que ver si todos y cada uno sacaran de su tiempo para responderle…
    PD: Lo admito, no leí un c@raj0!!!! -Yao Ming- XD

  7. attitudeoc dice:

    Alguien q me haga el resumen plz

    1. attitudeoc dice:

      Es que el titulo de la nota se queda corto, “Largo texto…..” no es largo es INTERMINABLE, la verdad lo lei hasta donde dice “Ella continua el jueves” y fue demasiado, una lastima por ella.

  8. tripoleich dice:

    No es por ser malo pero la palabra de un pros.tituta no me importa y menos a la WWE, ya que cayo tan bajo y solo quiere llamar la atencion

  9. Si ni vince le intereso leer esto menos ami jajaja kon la primera parte solo me kede amm ok y vi tooooooooodo el parrafote asi komo ya mencionan Yaomig y comento :p se nota ke anda bien ardida oo wwe le hizo algo muy cabron yo no se.

  10. marcosnwo7 dice:

    Eso sólo nos demuestra amigos no mezclen droga y alcohol juntos es triste que alguien llege a eso pero bueno es sólo to twit y no hizo algo como defecar en la casa de algún afectado o algo más grave

  11. algun idiot…perdon algun COLABORADOR q la tradusca porfavor

  12. lalo0187 dice:

    vaya cuantas leperadas para una nota se ve q si empino mucho el codo chyna y lo peor es

    1. lalo0187 dice:

      q se avento contra sus amigotes de hhh y x-pac solo le falto mentarsela a hbk

  13. Friend dice:

    que bajo ah caido Chyna, el texto solo da insultos inmaduros, si hubiera dado comentarios cuerentes al menos me hubiera interesado lo que dice, pero ahora todos la tomaran como una loca resentida :S

  14. magoli dice:

    si no traducen no jodan asi de corta superluchas

  15. esta mujer debe de buscar ayuda psicológica pero ya ah caído demasiado bajo parece loca con todo eso que dijo cuanto odio lleva en su corazón.

  16. Casey Jones dice:

    sin ofender, pero chyna está más tocadiscos que antes

  17. apasos dice:

    Que lastima que ande haciendo este tipo de escandalos, hay maneras de hacer las cosas o de decirlas, y aunque en verdad Vince le haya echo algo, creo que no es la manera correcta de actuar.

    Ademas tienen razon, no es que no sepa Ingles, sino que da flojera, y mas por la forma en que escribe.

  18. MarckDivas dice:

    Pobree ya ni sabe que hacer para que le presten atencion a estha bitch pszzz ya pasoo thuu epocaaaa ya deberiaaa olvidar elr esentimiento que le tiene a la wwe porke ni asiii la acewptarannn en la wwe Pobre jajajaaj XD 😀


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  21. batista666 dice:

    Mejor uso google traductor, traducirlo yo me hizo doler la cabeza.