1. Rob dice:

    Thanks for the results.

    The Torneo was okay but very slooooooooooooow. I thought only a few guys looked good like Guerrero, Dragon, Sagrado, Liger and Bucanero. The crowd didn’t seem to care about any of the Japanese guys.

    The second match with the Casas family against Warrior, Averno and Mephisto was *TERRIBLE*! One of the worst matches I have ever seen.

    Of course I would have loved to see the opening match since I am sure it was great.

    No wonder the crowd was so small. At least the promotion didn’t disapoint too many fans with the weak night of wrestling.

    How come Dr. Wagner Jr. and Atlantis are facing each other next week? It’s so random.

  2. GuyVer dice:

    Gracias por tu magnifica reseña Ernesto


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